If you didn’t already know… I love surprising people! So what better way to kick off the wedding than by surprising our own party? Each person received a gift personalized for them. The girls got engraved necklaces and the guys got tie sets. I also created my own mini photo album (steps below). All of these little gifts went inside a cigar box (Michael’s $3.99 – other options here) – steps also below.

We arranged a dinner and texted everyone separately so they didn’t know what was going on. Donald and I arrived early so we could set their gifts on the table and place their names down as well. Everyone sat down at once and flipped over their names to reveal what role they would play in our wedding party. Needless to say, everyone seemed excited and I can’t wait for our wedding!

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5v5 Wat Lao Soccer Tourney

I’m back with another GoPro video! This time I used what I learned from the first video to get better footage.

I took shots from multiple angles, made sure to move along with the action, and also recorded VERY slowly. I didn’t use the case at all this time and I was amazed at how much audio it captured. However, no one wants to hear my commentary on the team, so I added music instead.


GoPro HERO4 Black first impression

After editing video footage from my friend’s GoPro on previous trips, I wanted my own camera to capture my own stuff.

My Nikon 1 J1 is a great camera for pretty much everything, but the bulkiness of it isn’t always convenient if I’m doing activities or worrying about getting water on it. The solution? BUY A NEW CAMERA (not a replacement for my Nikon though). I was able to get a great deal on B&H since they have bundle options that will save you some money. Amazon also has bundle deals as well. All links to these will be at the end of the post!

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Oh, baby, it’s a shower!

This past weekend I was able to help assist with a baby shower for a friend. Her sister and sister-in-law threw it at Piccadilly, which is literally the cutest place ever.

If you’re ever looking for a place to have a party (kids, adults, old folks, err’body), then this is the place to go! They help you set up and decorate. If you’re in need of ideas, they also have creative minds ready to help you out. I highly recommend them! 🙂

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Our Traditional Lao Engagement

Ever since we started dating, we always knew we would do everything traditionally. Not just to please our families, but so we can learn about our culture and be able to pass it onto the next generation. Traditionally, there really isn’t an engagement ceremony, but we decided to split up the things done at the Lao wedding ceremony to save time. Since I am also part Chinese, we will have to do a wedding ceremony for that as well.

Usually the dowry, gold, and rings are exchanged at the wedding ceremony, but we modernized some of the rules and did this at the engagement ceremony. For example, there is no formal proposal in Laos, but Donald did propose. Continue reading


For my birthday, I asked to get out of town for a quick getaway. As always, I made an itinerary so we wouldn’t show up and have to figure out what to do once we were there.

I am going to work on a post about how to plan a vacation (short or long) to stay on budget, how to find things to do, and how to find the best restaurants. That’ll be coming soon! 🙂

In the mean time, here’s my Chicago vlog. I left my SD card for my camera at home and didn’t want to pay Chicago prices for a new one. I ended up using my iPhone 6 and I’m pretty impressed with the quality!

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Florida Vacation


This was a group trip to Florida in August. I know, I know, a LONG time ago. I started working on this video on Windows Movie Maker, but then my laptop completely died. Once I bought my Macbook Pro, I played around with iMovie and made my first video. Unfortunately, that video was blocked on YouTube because of the songs I chose. I spent so much time on that video that I just got frustrated and left it how it was.

BUT. I felt inspired to redo it and post one on YouTube that was actually allowed. So here is the super late vacation video. This is dedicated to my group of friends that went 🙂

I hope you enjoy!