Black, white, & GLITTER!

WARNING: This post contains a TON of gold glitter.

One of my closest friends had a milestone birthday, and I wanted to find a way to make her feel super special. As always, I look to Pinterest for inspiration. I decided to go with black, white, and gold since she wanted a “wine party” and those were the first colors that came to mind.

There were two main things for her surprise gift that made the night. The first surprise consisted of cards that listed things we (her friends & family) loved about her. I was inspired by the popular pin that has helium balloons with photos hanging at the bottom. However, the last surprise consisted of a slideshow, so I didn’t want to double up on photos. Instead of photos, I created gold glitter cards for under $5. The second surprise was a simple table full of gold and glittahhh (glitter).

Onto the tutorials (yay! my first real tutorials!):

DIY Glitter cards

IMG_1102 IMG_1103

I created the cards in Photoshop and printed it out onto 8.5″x11″ paper. Each square was 2″x2″. I cut them all out and laid them aside.

IMG_1107 IMG_1108

I bought gold glitter cardstock to use as the backing. Since all Christmas & New Year’s themed things were on sale, I got these for $1.50 each. I only purchased two. These were 12″x12″.

IMG_1109 IMG_1110

Using a ruler, I made 3″x3″ squares and cut them.


Using an Elmer’s glue stick, I glued the printed cards onto the center of the cardstock. I used a single hole puncher to punch holes at the top of the card to tie the balloons through.


Next, I had to figure out how to shove 25 balloons in my already full car… (filled with gifts, props, and shoes…). Let’s just say it was a 15 min wrestling match…


Aaaand here’s the final product! They also have a light where you can change the colors, so we did a purple to have a cool effect.


And here’s the birthday girl enjoying her first surprise!

DIY Glitter Frame/Numbers

IMG_1104 IMG_1106

These were super easy. The wooden numbers and frames were from Michaels. I think they were $1-$2 each? I purchased spray adhesive and glitter and went to town. =)

These went onto the table. I got a black table cover from Party City for $1 ($2? I forget). The green tea cake was from a Korean bakery and the tiramisu cake was from Kroger’s.

Candles were $2 each from Party City. Vases were on sale for $1 each at Michael’s, and so were the gold flowers. I got black sand to fill the vases – $4 for one bag.

IMG_1146 IMG_1143 IMG_1151

And last, but not least…. the icing on the cake!

I grabbed old pics and had her family send me videos of themselves saying “Happy Birthday.” I used iMovie to do all of it.

Ta-ta! …until the next party! =)


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