Oh, baby, it’s a shower!

This past weekend I was able to help assist with a baby shower for a friend. Her sister and sister-in-law threw it at Piccadilly, which is literally the cutest place ever.

If you’re ever looking for a place to have a party (kids, adults, old folks, err’body), then this is the place to go! They help you set up and decorate. If you’re in need of ideas, they also have creative minds ready to help you out. I highly recommend them! 🙂

Since none of us know the gender, we went with a neutral monkey theme. We stayed with the traditional gender-neutral colors as well – a minty green and yellow.

We had a mimosa bar, which was perfect for a Sunday baby shower. The food was very light and refreshing for a hot day as well.

There were three baby shower games: Baby Bingo, Baby Blocks, and Match the Socks! The competition got a little fierce once we got to the sock matching game. Baby bingo was played while the mom-to-be opened her gifts and guests had to pay attention to what she received. Baby blocks required guests to play one-on-one to see who could create the most baby-related words out of blocks. And last, but not least, the sock game had pairs of socks mixed up in a basket. There was a one minute time limit to see who could match the most pairs and win the round.

It was a great way to spend our Sunday, and everyone had a fun time. I hope you enjoy the photos!

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