GoPro HERO4 Black first impression

After editing video footage from my friend’s GoPro on previous trips, I wanted my own camera to capture my own stuff.

My Nikon 1 J1 is a great camera for pretty much everything, but the bulkiness of it isn’t always convenient if I’m doing activities or worrying about getting water on it. The solution? BUY A NEW CAMERA (not a replacement for my Nikon though). I was able to get a great deal on B&H since they have bundle options that will save you some money. Amazon also has bundle deals as well. All links to these will be at the end of the post!

So here we go! Pros and cons of the GoPro from my first time using it myself!


» multiple video settings to choose from

  •  4K, 1440, or 1080 is what I used (720 is also an option, but I probably will never use it)
  •  different FPS selections
  •  low light option
  •  ultrawide, medium, narrow views- depends on how much distortion you want from the fisheye lens.
  • audio is much better than the Hero3 – it picked up pretty much everything out of the case

» portability

  •  small and lightweight
  • waterproof
  •  all of the accessories and camera fits in one small bag that fits in my purse

» photo bursts

  •  great quality from what I saw
  •  good to have for action shots – I still prefer my Nikon’s photo burst

» various accessory options to fit your needs

  •  can be purchased anywhere if you don’t want to pay for the GoPro brand name price
  •  easy to switch out – whether it’s the battery, back door, chest harness, handle, or head gear


» stability

  •  you have to be SUPER steady and be patient – when you think you’re being slow, go even slower
  •  I purchased the Handler and it seemed more unsteady than when I just held the camera myself

» noisy case

  •  when the case is on, it makes a LOT of noise
  •  obviously when the case is on, it won’t pick up any outside sound very well so don’t count on getting great audio

» overheating

  •  I tried multiple things – inside the case and outside the case; with the LCD screen on and with it off; and 1080 instead of 4K. My only solution really was to record in short spurts instead of leaving it on. I need to do some more research on this.

» battery

  •  when I bought the GoPro, I knew the batteries died quickly. I purchased 2 extras which is great to have at all times since they’re so small – it’s just annoying to keep charging them all the time.


I love the quality of the videos I get and I love being able to haul it everywhere with me. My laptop also starts to overheat when I’m editing 4K footage, but it’s fine when I’m editing 1080 or 1440. I would definitely recommend this camera if you are involved in a lot of activities and want to capture great footage. The biggest benefit for me is the wide screen since I capture everything even if I think I may have missed it because I wasn’t turned to the right angle or didn’t turn on time.

Footage from my first time using the GoPro:
(I made the mistake of doing ultra wide… I’ve been sticking with medium now).


B&H camera bundle (I purchased the camera & LCD screen bundle. I basically got the screen for free.)

Amazon camera bundle (I didn’t go with this option because I have to pay taxes.)

Memory card (MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT ONE. GoPro’s website has a list of recommended microSD cards for each camera.)

The Handler

Extra batteries

Cases (There are so many options. Look for bundle ones that come with extra accessories like chest harnesses, headstraps, or handles!)

Stay tuned for more GoPro vlogs! 🙂


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