If you didn’t already know… I love surprising people! So what better way to kick off the wedding than by surprising our own party? Each person received a gift personalized for them. The girls got engraved necklaces and the guys got tie sets. I also created my own mini photo album (steps below). All of these little gifts went inside a cigar box (Michael’s $3.99 – other options here) – steps also below.

We arranged a dinner and texted everyone separately so they didn’t know what was going on. Donald and I arrived early so we could set their gifts on the table and place their names down as well. Everyone sat down at once and flipped over their names to reveal what role they would play in our wedding party. Needless to say, everyone seemed excited and I can’t wait for our wedding!

I purchased these mini plaques from Michael’s for $2.49 each. I painted each one grey to match the cigar boxes and then used a metal stencil to add their names and titles to the front and backs. Cute, right!?



Step 1: Print & cut out photos 3″ x 3″. I left a blank space of 0.25″ off to the left side.
Step 2: Cut out a 7.25″ x 3.5″ strip out of cardstock
Step 3: Fold strip at measurements shown below

IMG_4603 copy

Step 4: Use a hole punch and cut out circles from the cardstock and all your photos.
Step 5: Align the holes and place a brad through each one.
Step 6: Enjoy!



I wanted the gifts to be very personalized, so I thought adding our crest to the top of each box would be a great way to add a little touch. Our crest has the date we started dating as well as our wedding date. These were a little time consuming to make, but painting it was a breeze!

First step is to create your design. I had to break my design into two parts – the main crest and the inside of the crest.


Next, using contact paper (also from Michael’s – $11.99), I traced and cut out our design.

Once that was done, I peeled off the backing of the contact paper and stuck the main piece to the box. Make sure it lays completely flat or else you will not have crisp edges. Another tip is to make sure your brush is DRY. Add a little bit of paint at a time to your brush, then blot off the excess – this is the most important part of getting the perfect stencil.

IMG_4594 IMG_4598 IMG_4595

Once I painted over the entire stencil, I carefully peeled it off and let it dry.
After my first stencil dried, I went back over with the middle part of the crest design.

IMG_4596 IMG_4599 IMG_45990

Here’s a sneak peek inside the boxes. Donald picked out our wedding colors – lilac (the fabric lining at the bottom of the box), silver, and white. The top of the lid has info about our wedding for the party to know.


Below is a video of their reactions and our photos from the day! 🙂
This next year will be busy, but we can’t wait to celebrate with our closest friends and family.

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