Plain to Pretty in 5 minutes!

It’s finally March! I’m excited for long sunny days, warmer weather, and soccer!

I’ve been on a baking break since the holidays since I felt burnt out. I wasn’t planning on baking until it was requested of me, but we had some vendors visiting from New York. I wanted to thank them for their partnership, and of course, there was only one way to do so–homemade chocolate chip cookies! It’s the universal dessert that everyone loves, even if you hate desserts with a passion. I’ve also been told my chocolate chip recipe is da bomb. 😉

Obviously I couldn’t just throw them in a Ziploc bag for two reasons:
1 – that’s pure laziness, and I have a habit of going above and beyond
2 – they will go stale very quickly

The answer? COFFEE BAGS. Continue reading


New Year, New You

I’m going to start this post off straight and simple: If you’re reading this to look for a short cut to lose weight, then click that “x” in the corner of this page. There’s no shortcut, and I don’t want anyone to think that, ever. Also, I am NOT a professional, nor do I claim to be. The tips I give others are based off of my own trial/errors, research, and help I’ve received over the past two and a half years in my fitness journey. Now, if you’re here and your goal for this year was to live a healthy lifestyle, well I will welcome you with open arms. I am willing to help anyone who knows 100% that they are going to stick with their goals. If you are only planning to stick with it for 3 months and I can see it, I am not going to help you at all. I don’t have that much time to waste, boo boo. You gotta prove you’re in it to win it. This is going to be a basic introduction to being healthy and starting point to reaching your goals. If you like this post and want to see further details on what to eat, what exercises to do, and my own personal journey, then please let me know in the comments below. Here are two charts I created to help you get the basics. I hope you find them helpful! Continue reading

Black, white, & GLITTER!

WARNING: This post contains a TON of gold glitter.

One of my closest friends had a milestone birthday, and I wanted to find a way to make her feel super special. As always, I look to Pinterest for inspiration. I decided to go with black, white, and gold since she wanted a “wine party” and those were the first colors that came to mind.

There were two main things for her surprise gift that made the night. The first surprise consisted of cards that listed things we (her friends & family) loved about her. I was inspired by the popular pin that has helium balloons with photos hanging at the bottom. However, the last surprise consisted of a slideshow, so I didn’t want to double up on photos. Instead of photos, I created gold glitter cards for under $5. The second surprise was a simple table full of gold and glittahhh (glitter).

Onto the tutorials (yay! my first real tutorials!):

DIY Glitter cards

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Football Fever

Happy Tuesday before Thanksgiving!
This month has been a whirlwind of events, one of them being a baby shower that I hosted. Sounds perfectly easy, right? Well, my first problem was trying to find ways to make sure guys would come and not be bored to death.

The solution? Football. They were coming over to watch football anyways, so why not make it the theme? Gives everyone an excuse to wear their special jerseys they keep nice and neat in their closet (at least I do… #RayLewis).

 With that in mind, I had to figure out ways to incorporate football + baby into the typical games/everything. Everything was based off “7” for TD + extra point (duh).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So let’s dive right into it. Games!

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It’s a Hoedown Throwdown!

I was finally convinced by friends to create a blog about all my creative ventures.
Sooooooo, here I am with my first post.

This is definitely a bit late, but back in October, I made decor for a cowboy themed party for Donald’s sister. It was the most random theme I’ve ever heard of (considering we’re Asian), but it was a fun challenge. From bandanas to hay, and on to cowboy hats, it was a success!

With a little help from Pinterest, I was able to get my creative juices flowing. The main course was a Yee-haw doggie (hot dog) topping bar, haystacks (rice krispies) for dessert, and a pistachio cake with honey vanilla buttercream. OF COURSE the cake tasted amazing since it was a recipe from the king of cakes, Baked. See here for the recipe.

All decorations were purchased for a little less than $50. Thankfully Party City and Michael’s had a TON of sales going on during that week since I was scrambling to find things! Since it was only two weeks before Halloween, it was easy to find all the cowboy themed items. I designed and printed everything on my own, so that was free and definitely helped with the budget.

And now… *drumroll* … here are the photos!

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